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Assignment 1: Stories of Change Jaclyn Lima Dr. Kelly Nicholson HRM 560: Managing Organizational Change April 24, 2015 Using Kotter’s model, identify the three (3) most significant errors made out of all of the change stories presented and describe the ramifications of those mistakes. The first significant error made would be in the Kodak story where the investors and the entire staff were not bought into the vision of the company. That would be step one, to create urgency, which involves engaging with the employees, starting honest discussions, and gathering support. “Kotter suggests that for change to be successful, 75 percent of a company's management needs to "buy into" the change.” (Mind Tools 2015) The employees knew that 15,000 of them were going to be let go and therefore were not even focused on the business ahead. Additionally the investors were not exactly sold on the ideas either. They were judging past performance and were not completely convinced that the plan would work. The ramifications of that mistake were that since they did not conquer step one very well, all of the other steps seemed to suffer too. Everyone involved felt some sort of uncertainty and did not have a clear direction; which would be step three. “If you can sell your employees on the company's future and the importance of their role in it there are numerous advantages people are more likely to generate their own ideas, to contribute with enthusiasm, to keep slogging when it becomes unpleasant, and also to experience a sense of camaraderie and togetherness” (Spiro 2010) Another significant error that was made was in the HP story in which the vision was never communicated, step four. From the very start of the merger Walter Hewlett was not on board with it and therefore Fiorina also had a problem with step one. Although it seemed like she did try to implement change, and

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