Holland’s Six Personality Types

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Identify and explain which of Holland’s six personality types relates to you the most. (Review Table 2.1 in Chapter Two for a list of personality types, characteristics, and matching careers.) The pesonality that relates to me the most from Holland's six personality types are Conventional (Organizer). I love to work with numbers such as accounting but I do get confussed on certaint things. I love to organize things such as when I was a lead at my last employment. The way the groups were set up were so unorganized that I figured out a way to set them in groups on the floor close to their leads and not all over the call center. I then had the IT department set up our QA system the same way. When we would go in the names were not in any kind of order so I asked if they could be put in alpha order by last name and list the groups under their leads and it was done. My matching career would be to be a Organizational Manager so that I could go to differnt departments and set them up to make the job easier to handle. 2. Does your current career or future career goals match a career that fits your personality type? My current does not match my career goal as of yet because I just started but I am working on it for the future. I already see so many changes that I could make within the department that I am in now but because I just started 3 months ago I am waiting until my ninety days are up which is next week, and we have are department meeting I will bring the changes to my managers attention. 3. How might career satisfaction impact self-image? Career satisfcation might impact self-image because you as the person will be doing the position you have wanting to do and if you like what your doing you will strive to shine and your self-image will be a positive one and will

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