Globalization Or Americanization?

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Globalization or Americanization? In our human’s history, the world has never been as intensely integrated as the current modern era. With the advanced technology, the world seems to be smaller to many people. For a prominent example, the birth of the worldwide web allows its users to have access to everywhere in the world virtually. Every internet user can keep themselves up to date with just several mouse clicks. In terms of culture on the other hand, is slightly different. First of all, let’s briefly define the word culture so that we can identify its role in the globalization issue. In plain definition, culture is something intangible but carries tremendous spiritual meanings that perhaps are the most precious asset of an ethnicity, race, or nation. In order words, it defines all of those elements. To recognize a particular culture, we can look at different languages, food, arts, music, or traditions which are the cores and symbols of a culture. Now that the complex term culture is clear, we can merge globalization and culture together to find its outcome. Judging upon this ongoing controversial issue, many critics believe that globalization is making the world’s cultures the same. On the contrary, I am forced to recognize that the world’s cultures are being more Americanized than globalized. Despite the fact that the world’s cultures are becoming diverse, the U.S culture is still dominant and has a major impact on other cultures on the worldwide range. Before anything, please allow me to distinguish both globalization and Americanization so that we can have a better sense of what I am going to analyze. Quite comprehensively, globalization merely means everything becomes globalized; to exemplify that, the world is open for countries to come and work together. People are allowed to travel around the world to do business regardless of distances. In addition,
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