Globalization of Hr at Functional Level Essay

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Int. J. of Human Resource Management 18:5 May 2007 845–867 Globalization of HR at function level: four UK-based case studies of the international recruitment and selection process Paul R. Sparrow Abstract A series of the changes are being wrought on a range of IHRM functions – recruitment, global staffing, management development and careers, and rewards – by the process of globalization highlighting the difference between globally standardized, optimized or localized HR processes. However, our theoretical understanding of the issues involved is still driven by concepts rooted in global staffing strategies based on the management of small cadres of international managers, such as expatriates. The fragmentation of international employee populations and the changing structure and role of international HR functions has raised three important questions. The first concerns the study of globalization processes at functional level (staffing) and whether this can provide useful insights for the IHRM literature. The second concerns the indicators that best evidence globalization of staffing at the functional level, and whether these might form the basis of useful future research. The third concerns the patterns or strategies within the global HR recruitment activity of organizations across domestic and overseas labour markets and whether these patterns can be explained by existing theory. This paper reports on a study of firm-level developments in international recruitment and selection, drawing upon an analysis of four case studies each conducted in four theoretically derived contexts of centralized or decentralized control and co-ordination, and focus on domestic or overseas markets. It examines the disparities between policy and practice through interview of HR actors at corporate level and in country operations. Keywords Global; labour markets; recruitment; selection;

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