Globalization Has Brought Profits to Advanced Countries, but Has Been Disastrous for Developing Countries

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Oral Presentation Practice Essay title: Globalization has brought profits to advanced countries, but has been disastrous for developing countries By: Luna Chin Su Kim (ID 4206304) Abstract To produce an abstract, summarize all the main points in one paragraph. Oral presentation Convert the following article into a speech, using a proper format. The writer agrees with the statement. Pro and con arguments are described in the following paragraphs. Globalization, through the reduction of trade barriers, has increased integration of various national economies. Its impact on advanced nations, such as the USA and Japan, is highly positive and profitable. However, the same cannot be said with regard to developing nations, such as Thailand and Indonesia. Globalization is akin to swimming in the sea, depending on the status of the nation. Advanced nations can enjoy the cooling feel of the water, but the less advanced of the risk of sinking or even drowning. Developed nations, which are excellent swimmers, reap the benefits of globalization, which developing nations that lack good swimming techniques, can only watch and suffer in silence ( 2006). Opponents may disagree, but globalization benefits only rich nations, but has disastrous consequences on developing countries in terms of agriculture, stock exchange, labor movement, and technology. Firstly, opponents may contend that globalization benefits both developed and developing nations, but it is obvious that it benefits the economies of developed nations, but has a negative impact on developing nations, especially in the agricultural domain. Developed nations, such as the USA and Japan, have powerful governments to subsidize farmers to cultivate cash crops on a large scale using high yielding hybrids and modern equipment. Farmers in advanced nations are able to raise sweet corn,
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