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Global Strategy Ritz-Carlton Essay

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1. The Portman Ritz-Carlton’s in Shanghai, China has been named the “Best Employer in Asia” by Hewitt Associates three times. I believe the main source of success and performance behind this particular hotel is a combination of great management and human resources. One without the other makes efficiency and success very difficult especially in the service industry. Mark DeCocinis creates a friendly working environment for his employees. He makes sure they stay happy and believes with happiness employee’s perform better and create a relationship with their work and fellow co-workers. Also, the management team at the Ritz-Carlton is well trained and involved in every step of the selection process which I believe also sets a standard for the prospective employees.
2. The Portman Ritz-Carlton’s Performance is a complete success story. The rare but possible success of this five-star hotel as we said above starts with the dedication and happiness of their human resources and in order to seek successful employees is with a great management team becoming a part of the selection process. The care the management team expresses to its employees is what creates such a valuable staff.   The key to a successful business is the happiness of its employee’s so the employees act and care about the business as much as the owner. The feeling of attachment and loyalty is very important.
3. The Portman Ritz-Carlton is organizationally embedded in all its capabilities. They receive prestigious awards and high ratings in one of the most difficult environments.   China job seeking talent is very difficult to come across but the Ritz ensures customer and employee satisfaction no matter what the odds are. Their rare, valuable, and hard to imitate human resources keeps organizational embedded capabilities almost like second nature.
4. If I were the general manager of a rival hotel I would imitate the Ritz-Carlton. I would idolize their work ethic and create the same working environment...

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