Glitz And Glam Is Better Than Wear And Tear Essay

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Malin Bohman English 1—Prof. Sosner 030411 Glitz and Glam Is Better Than Wear And Tear The real housewives shows originated from the television show “Desperate Housewives.” The reality show has grown and has turned into a television series; they now follow women in their day to day lives as full time housewives in different cities across the Unites States. The real housewives of Atlanta are entertaining and offer real life drama. Whereas The real housewives of Beverly Hills offer more glamour and is therefore an escape from reality, thus making it more entertaining than The real housewives of Atlanta. Both of these shows are aired on the Bravo network, The real housewives of Atlanta just finished their third season while the real housewives of Beverly Hills finished their first. The setting of The real housewives of Atlanta displays big houses, cars and jewelry. However we rarely see footage of the city by itself, most of the filming is done in the housewives homes, while their working out, or relaxing at the spa. On the other hand on housewives of Beverly Hills we get to see their enormous mansions, private jets all the “in” places in Hollywood and glamorous known land marks such as Rodeo drive. The characters are eccentric and compelling in their own way on both shows. The cast of Atlanta include the following: Nene a very opinionated woman who we watch struggle with her marriage, but she is also trying to establish a career of her own as a TV journalist. Phaedra is a famous entertainment lawyer and she just gave birth to her first born son. Cynthia a former model, who is about to marry her fiancé but they go through a lot of financial hardship. Kim is known as the black sheep since she openly is a mistress of a man she refers to as “Big Papa” she lives with her two kids from previous marriages and tries to pursue a singing career, even though she

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