Ghandi Vs Karl Marx

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Many different leaders and philosophers went through great strides as advocates for equality amongst all races and nationalities. There were many different approaches to acquiring and reaching that goal. Two activists, Mahatma Gandhi and Karl Marx, both impacted the socialistic and capitalist world through their methods. While Gandhi took on a more peaceful, non violent strategy when fighting for equality between India and the British, Marx was adamant that he would reach his final goal of Communism by any means possible, violence included. Ultimately, because Gandhi’s beliefs and tactics in incorporating those beliefs were based on religion and peaceful, non-violent protests, and Marx believed that violence and action would successfully end social classes in Europe, there is a very distinct difference between both men’s methods, yet they shared the same common goal: to do away with inequality. If Gandhi had to respond to Marx on his methods in transforming class based societies to classless societies, I do not think that he would agree on every one of Marx’s techniques. There are many different aspects of why. They were two totally different types of activists trying to achieve the same ultimate goal. Gandhi was a man that would “strain every nerve to make Truth and Non-violence accepted in all our national activities” (i.e. Gandhi, 358). He believed that if India could get out of control and show the world that progress could be made, he would show other nations that they too, could gain their own power as a self governed nation. Gandhi and Marx would agree on terms of having self governing nations because Marx’s main goal was Communism. While Marx thought that strength in numbers mattered and how many Proletariats could take down the Bourgeois class, Gandhi believed that “strength does not come from physical capacity” (i.e. Gandhi, 368), but from indomitable
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