Gertrude Burning In Hamlet

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The One Who Burnt Denmark Who is the character who is held accountable for all the events in Hamlet? One option may ironically be Queen Gertrude, late King Hamlet’s wife and Hamlet’s mother. Gertrude acts as the fire in the burning of Denmark when her unhesitant actions enrage Hamlet and make him act in a deranged and thoughtless manner which eventually leads to the royal family’s sudden demise. Initially, Gertrude carelessly remarries immediately following her husband’s death. Moreover, she does not only remarry so soon, she ties the knot with Claudius who is not only King Hamlet’s brother but also his murderer. Aside from her unhesitant marriage, Gertrude is not at all sympathetic to her husband’s death even though he is the father of her son and has been married to her for thirty years. Incipiently, Hamlet becomes angered when his…show more content…
He does this when he is talking to Gertrude and assumes that Claudius is the man behind him. He compares his deed to his mother’s when he says, “A bloody deed-almost as bad, good mother, as kill a king and marry with his brother” (3.4.34-35). He tells his mother that killing Polonius is just as horrible as killing a King and marrying his brother. Here, he is describing his mother’s actions. He hints that maybe his mother is associated with his father’s murder. His madness and anger that are the products of Gertrude’s activities make him act without thinking beforehand. Ophelia commits suicide following the news of her father’s murder. Laertes and Claudius plan Hamlet’s annihilation which ends in a tragic mess with the deaths of Queen Gertrude, Hamlet, Laertes, Guildenstern, Rosencrantz, and King Claudius. So, now, the Queen, King, and Price of Denmark are all murdered all because of

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