Chronicles Of a Death Foretold

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Examine the treatment of women in both chronicles of a death foretold and the Stranger Women are crucial characters in both Chronicles of a Death Foretold and the Stranger. In chronicles of a death foretold, Angela viicario holds the fate of santiagor Nasaer They are portrayed as symbols of fate. They are the reason as to why the Protagoniststs of both books: Santiago Nasar and Meursult end up dead at the end of the book. Santiago Nasar is killed by the Vicario Brothers so as to restore their sisters honor back to the family. Angela Vicario dishonors her family by marrying another man when she had already slept with another man. A woman sleeping with another man before getting married is considered as a taboo and therefore as a consequence, a family loses its honor in the society. In order for the Vicario Brothers to restore this honor and clear their Sister’s name, they are supposed to kill Santiago Nasar since he is the one who took away her virginity. In the Stranger Meursult is condemned to death by the society for not only killing the “Arab” but also for not showing emotions at his mother’s funeral. Women are portrayed as sex symbols in which the reader finds quite devastating. In Chronicles of a Death Foretold, the narrator tells us of an incident that occurred between Santiago’s father, Ibrahim Nasar and Divina’s mother, Victoria Guzman. Santiago’s father seduced Victoria when she was young and after forcing her to make love to him for several years, he “brought her up to be a house servant after the affection” towards her was over. This clearly shows the extent to which a man can go in disrespecting a woman. This incident reveals to the reader that Victoria was not only seen as a sex symbol by Ibrahim but also an object which he can use and dispose any time he wanted. This shows that Ibrahim Nasar only cared for him-self and his physical pleasures.

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