George Read, Signer of the Constitution

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George Read, Signer of the Constitution George Read was an American statesman and lawyer. He is know to be a signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Read was a Continental Congressman and Senator from Delaware, along with being Delaware's Chief Justice. George Read was born on September 18, 1733, in Cecil County, Maryland. When Read was an infant, his family moved to New Castle County, Delaware. George Read later went to Rev. Francis Allison's Academy at New London, Pennsylvania and then studied law in Philadelphia. In 1863, Read married Gertrude Ross Till, who had five children, four of them being sons and one daughter. He would later be admitted to the Philadelphia Bar in 1753. A year later, he moved back to New Castle, Delaware, where he established a new practice and gained a reputation. Read would be appointed Attorney-General of three Delaware counties. He held this position until he resigned in 1774 due to being elected to the first continental congress. During the stamp act, Read joined the Delaware Committee of Correspondence, where he opposed the stamp act, and despite being active in the Patriot movement, also opposed independence from Britain. Read supported reconciling differences with Great Britain and favored peaceful protest, not independence or war. During the Constitutional Conventions, Read was often missing. At the Continental Congress, Read voted against independence, however, when the Declaration was adopted, Read signed it despite cautions. In 1777 when the British captured Delaware, Read and John McKinly took the role of governor and raised funds for the Continental Army. On October 20, 1777, Read was elected President of Delaware, and served for almost a year. Next, Read served as a member of the Legislative Council until 1779 when he became ill and took a one year break in order to regain his health.
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