Genetically Modified Foods Are Harmful To Our Lives And The Environment

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Our advances in science over the centuries have been extremely extraordinary. It has reached the point were our families as well as ourselves are consuming genetically modified foods on a day to day basis. You may ask yourself, genetically modified foods? Yes. Genetically modified foods lie within your shopping cart, and you may possibly not even know it. Knowing is only half the battle when it comes right down to it. These foods are at the reach of your loved ones once they step into one of the many grocery stores near you. Few of the benefits to genetically modified foods consist of having a longer life span than conventionally grown crops. Not to mention the many acres of forest these genetically modified foods are preserving. Other than these few good reasons, I see ones to state quite the contrary. Genetically modified foods are indeed harmful due to irradiation and the risks they pose to our environment. Irradiation is one of the worst things that could have ever happened to our food. Gary Gibbs, D.O. author of The Food That Would Last Forever, says, “Irradiation is destroying our food supply.”(Turner 26) Irradiation has consequences such as the production of new allergens in foods, which can create new and higher levels of toxins. “For example: in 1993 , 37 people died and more than 1,500 people suffered partial paralysis from a disease called eosinophilia-myalgia(Turner 26).” This was eventually linked to a tryptophan supplement made with genetically engineered bacteria. Although, once the genetically modified organisms are introduced to the environment, there is no way to bring them back. In any case, there are other ways that are considerably safer to rid foods of harmful microorganisms. Such include adequate cooking, sanitary handling and preparation and hygienic processing methods are better ways to reduce the illness from microorganism (Physicians

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