Autistic Spectrum Conditions

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Unit 28: Introductory Awareness of Autistic Spectrum Conditions Unit code: LD 210 Unit ref number: M/601/5316 QCF Level: 2 Credit Value: 2 1. Understand the area's in which individuals with an autistic spectrum condition characteristically have difficulties. 1.1 Describe the types of difficulty that individuals with an autistic spectrum condition may have with language and other ways of communicating with others. People with autism are affected in a variety of ways and to differing degrees. However, they all have difficulties with using language, being unable to talk and express their selves effectively and often having problems in processing and understanding the language and communication of others. Those suffering from an A.S.D…show more content…
For instance picky eaters may have an over or under sensitivity to taste and texture, being unable to feel food around the mouth. A possible solution maybe to change the texture of the food (e.g. purée it) or to slowly introduce different textures into the patients mouth such as a toothbrush or different foods while encouraging activities that involve the mouth such as using bubble wands or whistles. For those that suffer from pica and enjoy the sensation of chewing on objects and clothes, they may do so because they find it relaxing and therefore straws or hard sweets could be given to the individual as a safer alternative. For those that suffer from sensitivity related to smell, problems of smearing their own faeces is not uncommon as they may like the texture so as an alternative, jelly or corn flour and water should be introduced instead together with stronger smelling items. Those suffering from touch sensory related problems may dislike the texture or pressure of clothes on their skin and a possible solution to this maybe to turn their clothes inside out so there is no seam, remove any tags or labels and allow the person to wear clothes they're comfortable
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