Gender Stereotypes In America

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Stereotypes are everywhere. Every day while I go about my daily activities, such as going to work or school, I get bombarded by them. Some are funny- I admit to being amused when I see people from the south that look like a typical “redneck”, and to laughing when my friends make jokes. I work in a restaurant, which is a hotbed for stereotyping. Certain racial groups, age groups, and even genders are known not to tip well. If you don’t believe me, just ask any waiter at J. Alexander’s who has had to wait on the “tennis ladies” if they profiled their customers as they sat down. Just the other day I was driving down the road with a friend of mine, and we saw a minivan pulling another minivan with the words “in tow” duct taped on the back…show more content…
For example, is every sorority girl just a dumb blonde? Are all blondes dumb? Is every Mexican person in America here illegally? Common sense tells us that of course not every person of a certain group fits into their group’s stereotype. So why are females so bombarded with pressure to live up to what society says a woman should be like? For a very long time in American history, women were told that they should be feminine. They were told that there place in life was to be at home and raise a family and to look pretty for their husbands. Little girls were given Barbie dolls and games called Mystery Date and Miss Popularity (Peril). All of these things helped conform little girls into thinking that their role in life was to be something pretty for a man to look at. Modern times are not that much better. Little girls are still given Barbie dolls and feel pressure from an adolescent age to look a certain way. This epidemic is causing girls to succumb to eating disorders, face bias when it comes to their appearance by others, and have a general low self-esteem. Stereotyping people is just as dangerous as bullying

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