A League of Their Own: Gender Inequality in Sports

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A League of Their Own: Gender Inequality in Sports University of Calgary You throw like a girl. This common, seemingly harmless phrase is actually a demeaning saying reinforcing stereotypes that are generally accepted by society. It suggests that females do not have the ability to throw proficiently (Ross & Shinew, 2008). Women are expected to be “feminine” and reveal nothing (Greenhut, Abbot & Marshall, 1992). This phrase enforces the idea that women are weak and unequal to males performing the same action, especially in sports. Women are not considered as credible athletes when compared to their male counterparts, especially when playing what is considered by society as a masculine sport, or a sport in which danger, team spirit and strength are considered important (Jones & Greer, 2011). The notion of “femininity” accepted by society considers a feminine woman as a person who wears make-up all the time, has long hair, wears lipstick, is slender and is not aggressive (Ross & Shinew, 2008). The movie “A League of Their Own” clearly shows the inequalities and discrimination woman face in the world of sports. Although acceptance of females has increased over time, men and women are still not viewed as equals. Sports are and always have been male dominated and male centered, lacking support for female participants. The film, “A League of Their Own” is set in the year 1943 during the Second World War. Women are recruited to play professional baseball in place of the men while they are away at war. However, they face many obstacles and setbacks because of their gender despite their ability to play baseball. During the recruiting process, women were selected based on their talent as well as their looks. Girls with amazing talent were denied the opportunity to play simply based on their looks (Greenhut et al 1992). The organizers believed

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