Should Women Serve in Combat

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Should Women serve in Combat? Should women be in combat? This is the question that has received nationwide attention due to its controversial views. Women and war is a topic that has never had anything in common. As the feminine sex, women have always been connected with caring and creating life not destroying or hindering it. Although women today are allowed the opportunity to enter the army, they have not been able step foot into combat and fight along their male peers. Women are vulnerable creatures who should leave fighting to the men due to their lack of physical strength, mental strength, and their inability to cope with stress. Though women have the right as well as ability to possibly be in combat, I believe in sticking to the status of the traditional woman. There are many altercations about why women should not be fighting in combat and physical strength is the main argument. For women, lacking strength would be a vital component to them being able to fight in the war. When fighting, most of their battles would come against men who are obviously stronger and more prepared to able to deal with the elements of war. For example, how would they cope with carrying all the necessary equipment needed for war? Equipment needed in the army could range anywhere from twenty to thirty pounds depending on their task and not only would they need to carry it, but they would need to be able to withstand walking with it for miles. That is at least twenty to thirty pounds added to their bodyweight and we all know that most females bodies breakdown faster than men. Although it has been proven that women are more accurate with a gun in there hand, the operation of them getting the gun cocked and loaded would take longer allowing the enemy to shoot first which is never a good sign. Due to their lack of physical strength, it would also be a strenuous task for them to

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