Gender Role Change

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Gender role change Aspects of the male and feminine roles have been easily tied together under the social-constructs heading for many years. The inter-relationship of both genders is a root cause for these social-constructs. Social-constructs have been placed into a hierarchical social system and invented and/or constructed by a number of different participants, who are already part of the system. Gender roles are currently changing as women are adopting masculine traits and have joined the bandwagon of their male counterparts to work where males have shown their dominance in the past. The normal characteristics that relate to femininity are softness and tenderness, prompting society to perceive a delusional falsehood that women are weak, unable to defend themselves. In a normal world it is accepted that muscular capabilities of men and beauty regimes of woman are not prone to change because these traits are usually inborn and/or developed. This avenue of thought is simply untrue. Experience has shown society that females can often match the male when it comes to living with and understanding pressure; men have fallen short when it comes to dealing with more pressure than their female counterparts. Gender roles continue to change as this is how individuals develop over a given period of time. Due to the negative role developed because of the assumption that an individual’s gender dictates his or her dominance in society, change must take place. The role of the media in portraying the gender aspects is important since the media makes the distinction as to what is presented and believed within society. Furthermore, the role played by the humans in a gender-mode is type of taboo since tends to develop harsh judgments and bitter that eventually becomes public perceptions. In contrast, gender roles that are being exploited in a negative fashion by the
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