Gender Inequality Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: Gender Inequality as it Exists Today Gender inequality has always been a big issue around the world as well as in the United States. Women have always been either discriminated against or underrepresented in the workplace, in education level, and even in political arena. Although there have been some amelioration to this issue recently, there are still a lot to do to overcome it in the United States as well as in the world. Many polls and surveys on gender inequality administered around the country had helped to sort out the truth behind this issue in our society and provide enough evidence that such thing still exist. Gender inequality can be defined as the obvious or hidden disparity between male and female. In order to fight gender inequality, the US government had enacted several laws such as the 1963 federal Equal Pay Act, the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and the passage of Title VII and IX of the Education Amendments in the early 1970s. Gender discrimination can be manifested in several ways in this society; for instance, although there are more women that are being active in the workplace nowadays, they are being paid less money than men in many positions that are being occupied by both entities. This is so true that according to the US Census Bureau, the median income in 2000 for females with a high school diploma was $21,963, compared to $30,868 for males with a high school diploma. Females with bachelor's degrees earned $35,408 in 2000, compared with $49,982 for males. To this point in my point of view, it is absurd that women are still being underpaid for similar jobs occupied by men. Women worked hard in this society just like any men and still it is difficult for them to reach or break the glass ceiling that bare them from the executive office. This issue is not only a United States issue; it is a worldwide issue where women are
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