Impact Of Dependent Variable On Independent Variables

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There are many things in life or situations where it can be affected by a certain variable or variables. In other words there are independent variables that affects the dependent variables. So, to make things sound a bit clearer, I have chose two independent variables (gender and ethnicity) and one dependent variable (income), to show how these independent variables affect the dependent variable. Gender may affect the income of a household or a person. Males bring in higher incomes than females do. Not only will gender affect your income, but also ethnicity, or the ethnic group that you belong to, may affect your household income. A social science research done by Fernandez and Mors, was a research where they wanted to show and let their readers know that there is a huge sex segregation in employment which affects the types of jobs, income, and hours one sex gets. “ 7.5 percent of the pool of candidates for salaried jobs are female; the corresponding percentage for males is almost double that rate at 14.3 percent.” This statement clearly shows that there are a lot more men in the salary jobs than women, which affects the income. Because there are a lot more men in the more “stable” salary jobs, women do not nearly make as much money as men do. “Among the external applicants seeking relatively low level jobs, the male-female difference shrinks to $850. But among the self-matched internals, the gender differences swells to over $3200.” Which states that men make much more than women even within the same job. Another study done by Donato, Wakabayashi, Hakimzadeh and Armenta, states this “Compared with low-skilled men, the most vulnerable workers are low-skilled minority or immigrant women, who are less likely to be stably employed and more likely to experience employment hardship than Whites net of other factors.” This statement is pretty much
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