Gender And Toys

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Gender and Toys “As a social institution, gender is one of the major ways that human beings organize their lives.” (Reading #20, Lorber) My experiment starts out as soon as I walk into Target. I'm looking around and searching for the aisle, from afar I can see GI Joe toy's on a black and camouflage stand marketing for boys. Spring has began and bike's for girl's and boy's have been set, pink and white with flower's for girl's and black and blue for boy's. I walk into the aisle to look around for toy's and right away I can spot the gender separation. I mean looking at the pegboards were painted pink for girls and while the boy's aisle were blue. I realized that the gender distinction's began with color's, and take into note that there was a large gender segregation by the pattern's of flowers, bows, and consistence of the same colors. The same genre for the boys' side. I began to get closer and closer to the toy aisle and paid close attention and every aisle had dedication to one sex(gender). I began to walk down the aisle and looked very closely at the dolls. I mean it is very obvious that dolls are made for girls. I noticed that the aisle was stacked on plain steel with pink pegboard behind it(very attracting I thought). I then walked down further more and the whole aisle was dedicated to Barbie and her friends and also their equipments. I mean, kitchen set, dining set, clothing set...You name it Barbie had it. It was interesting to me because behind the back of the Barbie's box, it was a very inviting and warm advertisement that attracted young girls attention to feel so 'girly'. It appeals to young girl's at a very young age, to grow up(or be) that perfect young lady. Then, I looked at the side across from Barbie, and I became aware that the new doll's that is replacing Barbie, is Bratz. They are more new, flashy, glitzy, and flirty,

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