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An examination into ''A & P" John Updike's story A & P presents an impulsive young man, Sammy, who quits his job suddenly. In this story Sammy works as a checker at the A & P supermarket store. When one day three girls enter the store and are repremanded for their dress by the store manager and sunday school teacher, Lengel. Sammy trying to be the hero and earn the girls attention, acts on a sudden feeling and soon realizes he has made a monsterous mistake. Three literary tools that Updike uses to develope this story [ A & P] are charectorization, style, and theme. Charectorization is one of the main literary tools that Updike uses throughout the story. There are several charectors of significance, the first of wich being Sammy, the main charector. Sammy is a nine-teen year old checker at the A & P supermarket store. '' Sammy stands at his cash register, watching the three girls wander throughout the store" (Peck 4). Sammy is watching as the three girls enter and walk about the store. "In walks these three girls, I'm in the third check-out slot''(Updike 1). Sammy is sitting at his register when he notices the three girls walk into the store."By the time the girls teached the check-out, Sammy was half way in love with one of them"(Peck 4).Sammy likes one of the girls who walked into the store."I said, "darling, hold me tight"(Updike 2). Sammy is talking to himself, pretending to speak to the girl.Another charector in this story is Lengel, the middle-aged store manager and local sunday school teacher."Lengel, the officious supermarket manager notices and repremands the girls for their dress"(Peck

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