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Danielle Mireles Smith English 1302 Paper # 4 Point of View 28th February 2012 Word Count 750 “A & P” John Updike’s short story “A&P” takes place in 1961, in a small town in New England in a grocery store. Sammy the narrator is a grocery checker, he finds himself interested by a group of girls who walk in to the store. As they grocery shop Sammy observes the looks of the other customers comparing to the 3 girls. Sammy describes each girl in the story, the main girl “Queenie”, the second girl he described as chunky and the third girl was the tallest of the bunch. The girls were barefoot and wore their bathing suit, which is how they caught Sammy’s attention. Not because they were wearing the bathing suits but in the confidence the girl’s had while grocery shopping. The girls were “The kind of girls that other girls think are “Striking” and “Attractive.” (1111) Updike wants to let the reader know that the girls wanted the attention when he described what the girls were wearing and how they walked with confidence. Another event happens when the girls approach Sammy’s register. When they get to the front of the line they placed the item into Sammy’s hand. While he rang up the item he noticed the girl was not wearing a ring or bracelet. Sammy thought “Not a ring or a bracelet, bare as God made them, and I wonder where the money is coming from.” Updike is making the reader think that the girl does not have a significant other to buy her things. As they get embarrassed by the manager about their appearance and how Sammy comes to the conclusion to quit his job. The central idea of this story is coming of age. Noticing that what we see happening isn’t always right and knowing the difference from right from wrong. Sammy is a round character who is because throughout the story Sammy undergoes maturity realizing what is right and what is wrong. When the first moment

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