Barbie-Q Short Story Analysis

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“Barbie-Q” In “Barbie-Q” Sandra Cisneros writes a creative, childlike reality in a short story. The setting takes many girls back to their younger years when they would have play dates and dream about the new Barbie’s being released. With the point of view of children excited for any toy they can play with brings back many memories for people and she can reminisce about their childhood. The plot shows the struggles of a family who may not be able to afford more than the next family which is why the girls only have one a piece. The setting being so life like can be a familiarity for so many women. “Yours, ‘Red Flair’, sophisticated A-line coatdress with a Jackie Kennedy pillbox hat, white gloves, handbag, and heels included.” Every child just cherishes each toy like it is their prized possession. As a child, everyone wants the latest trend just to keep up with their friends, unlike these girls in “Barbie-Q” aren’t fortunate enough to get new toys after each is released. These girls made do with what they had and made it work. “This and a dress invented from an old sock when we cut holes here and here and here, the cuff rolled over for the glamorous, fancy-free, off the shoulder look.” These girls just patiently wait until Christmas comes, not even for a new doll, but a new outfit. “Because we don’t have money for a stupid looking boy doll when we’d both rather ask for a new Barbie outfit next Christmas.” Sandra Cisneros’ point of view in first person flows very well with the style of this story to emphasize the excitement of a child. “Please, please, please, please, please, please, please until they say okay.” When children long for those toys and playmates they tend to exaggerate and offer anything just to hold that new toy. “On the outside you and me skipping and humming but inside we are doing loopity-loops and pirouetting.” Having such a free
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