Stereotyping In Childrens Toys

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Every child growing up plays with toys no matter how young or how old or if they are a boy or a girl. Some toys are strictly gender oriented and some are geared for both male and female genders. This project has the sole purpose of discovering if children’s toys are gender typed. Our hypothesis was that children’s toys are gender oriented. All we had to do was go to a toy store for this project. A group of friends and I decided that Toy’s R Us would be the best choice to conduct our observations since they have the largest selection of toys. We walked around the store and looked at all the toys they had and randomly grabbed three toys from every department. Three from the girl’s section, three from the boy’s section and three that we felt could be played with by either boys or girls. The toy’s we grabbed from the girls department were definitely geared for only the female gender. The majority of them were in pink or brightly decorated boxes. The first toy we grabbed was a Barbie type doll called My Scene- Jammin’ In Jamaica. The package had the doll with clothes in it and a chair. There was a picture of a beach in the background of the doll. Another toy was Real Sounds Baby doll. On the box it has the doll and pictures of girls playing with the doll. And finally we grabbed a My Little Pony. The package had a little scene with a purple pony on it and a brush to brush the pony’s hair. Also on the box it had interesting facts that are unique to that particular pony. Boy’s toys online the girl’s toys were not in brightly colored boxes with pink all over them. The majority of the boy’s toys were in dark colored boxes, mainly black. The first toy we selected was Bionicle Legos. The box it came in was black with a dark colored picture of the constructed Lego set on it. Next from the movie Vanhellsing we found the action figures of the monsters. The box was dark blue
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