Gender Differences in Toy Selection Articles

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Article 3(Klinger) Children's Perceptions of Aggressive and Gender-Specific Content in toy commercials. All commercials target a certain audience for either boys or girls. In a study from the article, it said that Both girl and boys rated male toys as the more desirable and most aggressive of toys than female ones. This can be concerning since toys for kids are going to appeal to a child differently. A girl could like boy toys more, where a boy could like girl toys. This is a never ending cycle but it does raise worry on parents when they see that their child wants to play with something like a toy gun that pops smoke or a tow sword which promotes only aggression and violence. Whereas girl toys in commercials show Ponies, barbies or jewelry making. These show skills on how to share and gain a social behavior skills. But for boys they have commercials of hot rods on a track which crash, or bad guys being tossed into a Lego prison. Though each of these show boys having fun they could also be too aggressive for a childs development. However, this goes back to the parents who will choose what their child plays with. Some parents don’t mind the more aggressive toys where as another parent will mind. Commercials are about promoting and selling to one kind of audience, children. Their product must be appealing and often lie about the product but it gets it sold and children continue to want them. Article 4 (miller) Qualitative Differences among Gender Stereotyped Toys: Implications for Cognitive and Social Development in Girls and Boys According to what the article stated it was suggested that the early play experiences of girls and boys may contribute to gender differences in cognitive and social development, empirical support for this hypothesis is limited. (Miller, 1987) Such as girls or boys knowing the gender differences of toys and classifying them in a

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