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Piercing and tatoos Tattoos and body piercing are becoming more popular among the young adults in high schools and colleges, and while the increase in their popularity in Montenegro may be a recent phenomenon, tattoos and body piercing are art forms that may be as old as humanity itself. Tattoos have probably been around as long as humans. They are present in any culture, but may have differing connotations. Our culture has generally not been accepting of tattoos.We believed tattoos mostly were restricted to military personnel, criminals and motorcyclists. Nowadys, Montenegrins are turning to tattooing or body piercing as a way to expess themselves. If you have body piercing or tatoo you are considered to be "cool", or "in". Many of my friends have one or two tatoos on their body, that they try to show them to everyone, but there are also some who regret it and would like to have them removed. Children in my neighborhood see tattoos almost as toys because of the popularity of temporary rub-on tattoos and dolls children can tattoo with markers. Generally, I m against body piercing and tattoos, because I think our bodies are already beautifull, so there is no need for any decoration. If I ever decide to get a tatoo it will be something very small, and it will be my way of expressing emotions and feelings towards somebody or something. It would be done by the best tattoo artist that i can find. I m totally against tatoos that have no meaning such as animal animations andsport team's symbols. I have my ears pierced and dont plan on any other body piercings. In conclusion, I think everyone has the right to decide should they have their body pierced or tattoo done. Body art is a way to say to the world who you are or who you believe you are. For this reason I can understand some people want to experience body art. But this is rarely the major motivation of

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