Differences Between Gender Related Toys

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Matthew Psy101 October 29, 2009 Differences between gender related toys There are many differences between in toys that are for boys and girls. Some of the differences in the toys range from: sizes to colors and even the structure of the toys and many more. The toys in today’s markets are mostly gender specific; boy’s toys are very different from girl’s toys. The toy aisles for boys are centered on sports, cars, and the army. Most of the time the colors on these aisles are not very bright the colors are more natural. The toys are also more masculine and they show how men are successful and they try to inspire the kids that play with these toys to be more like the action figure that by being like them that they could also be successful. The toys for boys suggest that when they get older they are supposed to get jobs and do the repairs around the house. On the other hand the girl toy aisle is very bright and the colors range from pinks, purples, and yellows. The toys for girls are Barbie dolls, baby dolls, stuffed animals, and doll houses. These toys suggest to girls when they get older that they are supposed to take care of the children and to also clean the house while their husband is at work. These are some of the ways markets suggest to children what they are supposed to be interested in and also what they are supposed to do when they get older. As you can also see the toy that are for children are also very gender specific and vary for the boys and for the girls as

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