Gcse Product Design Specification Tips

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GCSE Product Design specification tips Your Design Specification is a statement that says what your initial design ideas must do in order to be successful. Select the appropriate specifications for your project and write them as a list of bullet points under the following headings below: • Timescale o What is your timescale? The coursework must be completed by when? You finished 3D product by when? • Target market o Who is the client, person, user group that the design is aimed at? o What is the age range and sex of your clients? o What jobs do they do, what is their occupation? o What do your clients like, what are their interests? o Do your clients have any specific needs? E.g. handicaps, religious beliefs, specific values, etc. o Do your clients have any social economic factors? E.g. single mothers, reduced income, etc. • Function o What will your design do and what is its function? E.g. to promote, to sell, to advertise, etc. o Where will your product be used? E.g. its environment, in a music shop, on the counter, etc. • Size o What is the size of your product range? (Include all the range components, point of sale, leaflets, controllers, etc) • Weight o What is the weight of your product? Is there a minimum or maximum weight that you should use? o Will it have to be lifted? • Durability o How long does your product need to last? Will the materials and cost of your product state how long it lasts for? • Aesthetics o How will your product be visually pleasing? o What graphical aspects will you consider: fonts, colour ranges, line, shapes, texture, pattern, form, tone, etc? • Ergonomics o Ergonomics is the study of how the human body interacts

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