Bus 518 Leadership Skills Paper

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BUS 518 UOP Course Homework Aid Week 1 Discussion 1 Examples of Leaders. Please respond to the following: Provide two examples of current leaders and describe how they demonstrate their leadership characteristics. What separates these characteristics from management techniques? How effective are actions by project managers (or individuals in other business leadership positions) in accomplishing company objectives? BUS 518 Week 1 Discussion 2 Leadership Styles. Please respond to the following: The five types of leadership styles are most applicable in certain situations. Discuss the applicability of each of the five types in project leadership situations and its usefulness in that particular situation. BUS 518 Week 2 Discussion…show more content…
A new financial institution needs to staff its office. The town council is assessing the need for additional traffic lights at a busy intersection to prevent accidents. BUS 518 Week 8 Discussion 2 New Project Leader. Please respond to the following: Project team members often have the following questions about their project team leaders. How would you recommend a new project team leader address these concerns? Recommend and prioritize the actions that the project leader should take. Does the project leader know what he/she is doing? Does he/she understand the technical challenges and issues facing the project? How is the project leader going to treat the project team? Why didn’t the company “pick one of us” to lead this project? Does the project leader appreciate our expertise and experience? Can the project leader provide us with any rewards? BUS 518 Week 9 Discussion 1 Leaders’ Responsibilities. Please respond to the following: The project leader’s responsibilities of authorizing, coordinating, and supervising work should be conducted with every project. Discuss which of these responsibilities allows for the greatest degree of control when working with team members. Provide the rationale for your

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