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BSB51107 Diploma of Management Assessment Task 2 – Study Period 4 BSBCUS501A Manage Quality Customer Service CUSTOMER SERVICE QUESTIONNAIRRE 1. Imagine you work in a shop. List three things you can do to engage with a new customer walking into the store. * Greet your customer promptly * Converse with your customer. See if they need any assistance in finding something. What are they looking for? Use knowledge and active listening to find out how you can help them. * Show customers new stock and inform them about specials that thy might be interested in 2. Give one example of a customer/client in a service industry setting. Once client of a “Service Industry Setting” could be a small business. In this instance…show more content…
6. Why is it important to solve a customer’s complaint to the customer’s satisfaction? If a customer’s complaint isn’t resolved it can lead to a bad reputation for the company as well as a decrease in sales. When a customer is unhappy with a product or service they will often tell people about their bad experience. This will lead to people not wanting to use your products/services. 7. Explain what the term “segmenting customers” means to you. Customer segmentation is when you divide your customer base into groups for marketing purposes. They can be divided into things such as age, gender, interest and many more. By doing this companies can target specific groups of customers effectively and therefore making the most of a marketing campaign. 8. What to the letters in the acronym RATER stand for? Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy, Responsiveness 9. In your own words, explain what “active listening” means. Active listening refers to when you a customer is engaging with you and you are effectively listening and comprehending what they are saying. You do this by; asking questions, paraphrasing, maintaining eye contact and verbal

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