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Katie Matson 6514483 OPER3160 Grocery Gateway Case Analysis Executive Summary To: Al Sellery and Claude Germain, CEO and chief operating officer- Grocery Gateway - Downsview, Ontario From: Dominique Van Voorhis, vice-president of industrial engineering- Grocery Gateway - Downsview, Ontario Subject: Delivery Operation Improvements Issue: As you know, our delivery operations are at 1.3 less deliveries per hour than projected. I have come up with some alternatives and recommendations to try to remedy the problem and increase the amount of deliveries per hour, and reduce the delivery time from 90 to 30 minutes. “Grocery gateway’s delivery operations are currently doing 2.7 deliveries per hour, which is less than the projected 4 per hour. They also wish to reduce delivery windows from 90 to 30 minutes.” We considered various other options to conclude this assignment, as follows: 1) keep the trucks on the road longer by extending driver shifts 2) approach Descartes 3) increase in the delivery charge 4) do nothing Although all are viable, I feel that approaching Descartes will provide the best strategic solution for Grocery Gateway, while also achieving a much better long-term solution in increasing customer service and staying competitive. This alternative will expand the licensing arrangement to include a new feature that analyzed route profitability and determine the desirability of delivery in particular time slots, allowing us to increase deliveries per hour while increasing profits. Details are in the attached report. I look forward to receiving your approval of this recommendation, so that it can proceed immediately. Respectfully, Dominique Van Voorhis. Situational Analysis: Item | So What ? | 2.7 deliveries per hour | Down 1.3 deliveries per hour from the projected 4 deliveries per hour | Delivery time | High delivery

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