Pillsbury Cookie Challenge Summary

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Case Study 1: Pillsbury Cookie Challenge Summary Refrigerated Baked Goods (RBG) in Canada branch performance were not quite satisfied over the past two years. Volume growth between 2004 and 2006 had been flat at 1%, Household penetration had fallen to 24% from previous years. As marketing manager of the RBG business, Guillen must propose a solution to repair Pillsbury refrigerated baked goods business performance. Since the refrigerated-cookie product line consisted of 62% of RBG’s unit sales and over 75% of the company’s profits, Guillen found it is necessary to change the segment in the Canadian market. Proposing this idea to GMCC, Guillen need to consider all the challenges he faces, and he need to discover a strategy to increase household penetration in the following years. In order for Guillen to increase the penetration percent, he need to re-evaluate the “Kisses” commercial. The assessment of this advertisement shown that the ad surpassed Millward Brown norms on likely-to-buy, but lacks of effectiveness for brand recognition and relevance. In another way, the consumer insights team at General Mills is willing to help brand teams gain a better understanding of the preferences, attitudes and behaviours differences between Canadian customers and the US customers. After four weeks, Guillen and Pasato received the Usage and Attitude study results. Reviewing the “Purchase Drivers in Canada As Compared To the US”, it is apparent that consumers in Canada are concerned with the quality of the dough, the flavors offered, and the amount of cookies offered. After the research, Guillen is going to need to draw up a marketing plan that addresses these issues are alter the cookie in some way. Guillen will also have to conduct marketing research to understand the difference between Canadian and US markets. The “Kisses” commercial was adopted from the US, and

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