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Executive Summary Problem Jasmin Rawlinson director of marketing at Porsche Canada requires guidance on how alter Canadians perception and behavior to favor winter driving. In addition, she must decide which mediums to choose for her 2010 marketing campaign. Analysis Porsche is an established luxury car manufacturer, who has recently opened a Canadian office. Canadians affluent communities consider Porsches the most prestigious Cars. Porsche customers are high-income individuals. Alternatives Porsche can choose to abandon the marketing plan for winter equipment, and avoid possibly wasting money. Alternatively, if Porsche chooses to create a marketing campaign, it must be decided whether to target the mass-market, or a high-income audience. Criteria The marketing campaign must stay within the 500,000-dollar budget. Porsche must sell 5,773 units in order to break-even. Porsche advertisements must be consistent cross-country. Recommendation Porsche should create a marketing campaign targeting towards a high-income audience. This strategy aligns with Porsches existing marketing mix, and will generate the company additional revenues. Problem Jasmin Rawlinson, director of marketing at Porsche Canada, is creating her marketing plan for the year of 2010. She is faced with the task of marketing winter equipment to Canadian consumers who prefer to keep their Porsches indoors during winter. Jasmin knows from an engineering standpoint, that Porsche vehicles are suitable for winter conditions. She intends on connecting with the Canadian audience in hopes of altering their behaviors and perceptions on winter driving. It is recommended that Porsche focus their marketing efforts on a specific, high-income audience. This will allow them to stay consistent with Porsches global marketing efforts. Also by doing so, Porsche will have increased profits due to sales

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