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Bombardier I predict that Bombardier stock prices will increase. Some of the factors that will give an impact to the price are: new products, good customer services, supply and demand, and major deals with another major company. New products (Global 5000, Challenger 300 and Learjet 40)1 will cause an impact to stock prices, because producing new products will motivate citizens to buy their products. In current news, Deutsche Bahn has bought 42 new double deck coaches from Bombardier Transportation3. From this news, I can see their will be an increase of the company earnings, and also, the stock price might go up. Good customer service will slightly help the company to raise it stock price, because it will encourage investors…show more content…
Unfortunately, the stock had been gradually going down, and then now it is gradually going up. Moreover, my prediction was accurate enough to say the today’s economy; diamond mines would have a hard time to seek reserves for diamonds. Base on their recently quarterly annual report, the financial portion on their statement reported losses7. Basically, this is one of the sign of the stock to go down. Most probably, their management team has not been fulfilling the factors to succeed in a business, or they do those factors, but not with full potential. It is possible that the corporation has a hard time searching for diamonds that can cause a high price of using the equipment, but a return that can not attain the cost of searching for it. Eventually, the corporation loses money, and then most likely the stock will go down. In additional, the corporation would require a major effort to make a comeback, and gaining investor’s trust. The corporation could be having difficulty to persuade investors to buy shares of their stock, or they have internal problems that have not been solve by the company. During this time period, I think diamond mining companies having a tough break in mining diamonds. Some of the factors that can cause this tough break are: weather, economy, and consumer desires. Another problem to consider is the location of where the company is producing the diamonds.…show more content…
It requires reasonable business thinking to analyze if the stock will go up or down. Hence, it needs a portion of reading the recent news about the corporation. At least, I got an overview of how the stock market work by learning new business terms like short sell, margin, options, and many more. The stock market has influence me to be careful in buying shares from corporations. Stock market can either make me more money or lose more money. It all depends on the risk I have and the business knowledge I have for a certain stock. The stock market is a test for me in knowing what stocks to buy or sell at a right time. I appreciate in a nice way of how the stock market procedures work, and looking at the yearly or monthly basis of their graphs. Furthermore, the stock market is one of the best ways to test the knowledge of using business

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