Kudler Fine Foods: Outdated Accounting System

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Kudler Fine Foods A Business Proposal to upgrade the outdated Accounting System [1] Prepared for Mike Manrod CEO Kudler Fine Foods BSA/310 Prepared by Andrew McMillin June 29, 2014 Accounting Systems Kudler Fine Foods A Business Proposal to upgrade the outdated Accounting System Executive summary Background Kudler Fine Foods is a market leader for providing customers the finest selection of food, wines, and related products. Kudler searches through-out the world for the highest quality products allowing their customer to “shop the world” in one convenient location. Kudler customers value a healthy lifestyle while living with-in their budgets, offering competitive prices with their organic selections and also offering…show more content…
This process wastes hours with associated increase for errors. Through the implementation of the NetSuite with the ability to Data mine information, Kudler will be able to accurately display up-to-date accounting reports instantly. Additionally, by beginning the implementation with the parent facility, and then branch out to the other locations in a uniformed method, Kudler and NetSuite can work together to bring forth insightful analysis in real-time. NetSuite is scalable for faster growth, streamlined operations securing future improvement. With all these features, NetSuite can be custom fit to the exact needs of any Kudler store, and will grow with the company as it…show more content…
This costs approximately an additional $299 per month. * Suggested (add-on) NetSuite Advanced Financials: Allows for advanced management of multiple budgets, expense allocations, and more. This adds an approximate $299 per month (Aggarwal & McCabe, 2009).” Closing Statement The NetSuite software would provide the needed tools to unify all of the Kudler stores, while increasing profits through the reduction of expenses and errors. Being able cut costs of the amount of needed man-hours to complete the same tasks manually will increase the profits over all. References Aggarwal, S., & McCabe, L. (2009). The Compelling TCO Case for Cloud Computing in SMB and Mid-Market Enterprises. Retrieved from www.netsuite.com/portal/pdf/wp-hurwitztco-study-dynamics.pdf NetSuite. (N.D.). NetSuite. Retrieved from http://www.netsuite.com Kudler Fine Foods. (N.D.). Kudler Intranet Page. Retrieved from

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