Garden Party Essay

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When the workmen arrive to setup the marquee banner Laura is a bit hesitant as where it should be placed and the workmen take control suggesting where they believe the best spot to hang the marquee would be. What the story discusses is the attraction Laura had with the workmen, describing there looks and traits. What it also brings up is the differences between classes. An example of the classification between the classes can be seen in this segment from the story when Laura shows curiosity in the workman's attitude towards her, 'Laura's upbringing made her wonder for a moment whether it was quite respectful of a workman to talk to her of bangs slap in the eye. But she did quite follow him.' The differences among the classes is a key concept of the story. Also within the story it can be seen as a form of symbolism through Laura's feelings toward the other people in the story whom of which are of lower status than Laura and her family. Another example of the differences between classes would be when Laura's mother interruptingly orders flowers for the party after giving authority of the party to Laura. Instead of having flowers brought to the party from guests and other, her mother decides to order a vast amount of lilies. This shows how carelessly one such as Mrs Sheridan can easily put money in for a glorious amount of flowers that would only be used for one day, without any hesitation. The party is soon interrupted when Laura gets word that a man has been killed. She confronts her older sister and shares the news. She repeatedly tells her sister that the party should be called

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