Functional Localization in the Brain Essay

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All human activities are related with the functions which maintain their existance in the brain. And one theory based on the brain, claims that different parts of the brain have different functions, each function has a different localization in the brain. So when people focus on a particular action, a functional proccess emerges in just the parts of the brain which is directly related with this specific action. Each part has its own mental specialities to perform them naturally and evolutionary. There are various scientific evidences which support this idea clearly. According to this theory, when a part of the brain is damaged, the person who is under the effect of this, loses his capacity to do just some specific actions . These actions are the ones which are localized in the damaged part. This person can be still able to have other specific varieties of human behaviour. But this type of knowledge is hard to observe, because psychologists(researchers) have to find brain damaged patients and persuade them to help their investigations as an experimental test subject. It is a situation which is rarely can be seen. But there are some evidences about how brain damage affects human behaviour and mental capacity. During the period that World War II continue, in march 1943, an officer called Zasetsky took a bullet into his brain. After this event, the neuropsychologist A. R. Luria started to investigate the change which occured in his brain activities. Physically, Zasetsky was normal except a scar on the left side of his head. But his visual brain which is related to vision of right side was terribly damaged. He coul not see his right side at all and he found himself losing the sense of having a right side. While reading, he could see only a few letters(nearly 3) at a same time. Then he realized that he could not percieve words, he could just read the letters in them by

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