Friedman Family Assessment

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Friedman Family Assessment NUR/405 Friedman Family Assessment Identifying Data: * M & E F Type of Family: * Married with step children and dual – earner family * Both parents work and earn an income * Father is the district manager of a plumbing and A/C company * Mother is sales with a local wholesale liquor distributor * The children are the mother’s children * Daughter lives at home but spends a lot of time at her boyfriend’s home; full time student at a local college; she also has 1 daughter that lives with her at her parents’ home; the daughter is currently in the 2nd grade at a local private all-girl school * Son lives at home but is “out partying” most nights of the week; works full time during the week but has trouble keeping a job Ethnic Background: * The family reports they are Caucasian with French/Cajun French descendants * The language spoken is English by all family members * Mother and Father speak fluent Cajun French to each other and within their extended family (brothers & sisters, mother & father) Religious Identification: * Family practices Catholicism and believe in one God * Attend church every Sunday and on Holy Days of Obligation * Attempting to instill their beliefs and religious practices in their children and grandchild Social Class Status: * Upper middle class Leisure Activities: * Family enjoys going out to dinner, doing yard work, gardening, visiting with other family members, working on property which they own in a nearby town- preparing the property to build a home on one day soon Family’s Present Developmental Stage: * Unclear at this point. Should be the “empty nest” * The parents were at the point where they thought they should have both children out of the house and off to college. * Only 1 child, the daughter, is

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