Australian Women In History Essay

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Australian History Women's Issues Essay The Role of Women Throughout History Throughout the 1950's and 1960's women were expected to stay at home or work in underpaid jobs (Scott, p. 205). Women started to learn about `how to be a house wife' while still in school. Their education was emphasized on home sciences and the majority of women left before high school. Then found themselves a husband and spent the rest of their lives raising a family. Their whole lives revolved around taking care of the house, kids and husband. For example when their husband came home from `a hard day of work' their wife would have cold drinks and finger food snacks waiting for them (Scott, p. 225). Women weren't able to go out into the work force because they were given such an unfair wage. Women weren't able to make their own choices in life they only had once path pay to choose from, to become a typical house wife. The role of women is constantly changing throughout history. Due to the women's suffrage movement all Australian women gained the right to vote, during 1894 and 1908 all states passed the law, and through 1918-1923 women were allowed to take part in a political career (Scott, p. 276). More and more…show more content…
They didn't believe in traditional values e.g. them slaving away in the kitchen any more they wanted to go out and be free and work for themselves, hence a feminist movement occurred during the 1960's (Beyond, npg). They wanted to be equal to men and demanded sexism and discrimination to stop. Laws do say that women are receiving equal pay in any field of work, but is this actually carried out by the employer? I'm not saying it isn't but in some cases there might be some employers who are corrupt and want to give you the absolute minimum wage. In some cases women would go to court over those sorts of issues. But over time the system probably will get better, but still today there remains a lot of controversy (Beyond,
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