American Family Essay

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Many people argue that there is no longer any such thing as a typical American family. This is true, because such things as cultures and lifestyles are different. Those things make it impossible to generalize about the typical American family. Back in the old days, the typical American family did exist but it has been changed by time. People now want freedom more than anything in their lives, and to be able to do their own things. The lifestyles of American families have been changed; people now have the right to speak up, even if they are students. There is no punishment for children, because it's against the law. People go to work full time, they don't spend much time being together and talking. Parents spent most of their time for their jobs and conducting business, leaving less time for their children. Some reasons mentioned above could make it impossible to generalize about the typical American family. The culture has been changed largely, because Americans have so much freedom and they don't care for each other like in the old days; American family becomes less communication. We are living in the twenty-first century, where the typical American family may consist of divorced parents, three kids that live with mom during the week and stay with dad every other weekend. Often, at least one parent has remarried, and lived their own life. In the 1950s, families sat together to eat dinner and there was peace and happiness for most families. Mom stayed home to look after the kids, and dad went to work. As a child, back in those days, they had homework and responsibilities to do; If they disrespected a teacher or an adult, they would be grounded or severely punished. I'm living in an American family, and my parent spend so much time at work. We don't talk as much as we used to, because when my parent get home from work, they feel tired and have to go to
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