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Paying College Football Players During this day in age, everything is about money and college sports are not different. College football is a billion dollar industry and everyone benefits except the athletes who are risking it all. With the millions of dollars in television deals, endorsements, advertisements, and schools benefits that everyone is benefiting from except the football players. What are the college players actually receiving? College football players need to be paid for putting their careers on the line one play at a time. College football is a billion dollar industry with big that is spread throughout the bigger conferences in college football. These conferences include South Eastern (SEC), BIG-12, Atlantic Coastal (ACC), BIG-10, PAC -10, Big East, and Notre Dame. The 68 teams from the major six conferences combined to make up a majority of the $1.1 billion in profit that college football generated in 2010, which was an increase by 11% for those same 68 schools from the year prior. (Isidore). These amounts are generated based on ticket sales, television deals and viewers, endorsements from companies, and apparel sales. The six major conferences in the college football are making millions in profits. The…show more content…
The University of Alabama needs these dreams to become reality in order to keep generating revenue in area of $129 million like they did in 2010. The school hands out scholarships to these athletes that cost $22k for out of state and $10k in state (U of Alabama). If we take in the fact that a team can only have 25 new scholarships a year, we can use the out of state cost of $22k times 25 equals $550k. That will leave the school with $128.4 million for 2010. These revenues are generated by the entertainment from college players with the notion they may not see any professional career but they still put their health on the line for 22k a

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