Freak the Might Comparative Essay

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Comparative essay Friends and family are everything if you’re stuck in between a conflict. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to and other times you need someone to fight with. Both the people from the Crick in Sons of Perdition and Freak the Mighty in Freak the Mighty share the theme of teamwork. In both situations in each book the main characters were forced to team up due to the pressure of society, went out of each other’s way to save a member of their team, and last they were able to feel each other’s stress and fought together to overcome their problems. These books show how important friends and family are through hardships, distress and tough luck. Just like the rural area Max and Freak lived in, The Crick, was a very separate area, and was secluded from the rest of the world. Each area was so small that all they had were each other, when times were tough. At the Mormon community in Colorado City kids couldn’t live a normal life because the Prophet would only allow them to do what he believed. The same goes for Max and Freak, when Max was made to believe he was stupid while Freak got made fun of for his size. This makes family and friends especially important to fight against society that each story goes through. This is why the characters in each story found their ways to break free threw teamwork. Both stories were very good at portraying teamwork. Both the author of freak the mighty and the director of sons of perdition were able focused on teamwork and power in numbers. This is a great theme for any story because people can relate to all kinds of ideas around teamwork and conflict solving among friends and family. The theme of teamwork also shows great morals, and the characters who use teamwork are always the ones who prevail. The family in sons of perdition had gotten away safely and freak the mighty was strong as a team. Since all of these

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