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By: Kyle Penfound Frankenstein A layer Monologue Setting- The setting takes place in a dark and gloomy house, location unknown. Dr. Frankenstein has been captured by police just a day after he created the monster, they forced him to go see a psychologist and this is him after the psychologist. How dare they … How dare they force me to go see that doctor, it was of no benefit, it merely created more confusion and led to temporary chaos? Did they actually expect me to tell him what I know? Of course not, the information of that wretched monster is already too much for me to bare but for a simple psychologist to learn of what went on, well… that would be absolutely devastating to his mind. But of course other men should be told of my creation, and what I did that night… Oh yes how I remember it so clearly… that horrible face with those eyes… oh those disgusting yellow eyes, when they opened it was like the devil himself started staring into my soul. Of course I do remember that I was excited by my work, but prior to its creation I was too ignorant and fool hearted to comprehend the pain and destruction I would be bringing upon this earth. I know now that had I just stopped before I succeeded I wouldn’t be sitting here trembling, grasping for a breath of knowledge that would help me understand a method in which I could undo that being from this earth. And of course no man will be able to stop it; it was obvious that by creating this monster I had given the gift of strength, strength far greater than that of any ordinary man. This gift would be too much for anyone, but the fact that it was given to that beast is undoubtedly a grave mistake on this world, a mistake no doubt I will pay for…. Oh… How these thoughts pain me, the image of that beast alone is torture to my mind, it’s as if he were the epitome of doom, the bringer of suffering, sent to destroy me

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