Why Is Frankenstein Bad

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Are all monsters bad? In the Frankenstein novel written by Shelley, this monster wants is to be your friend. OK so that may sound really strange, but it’s true. Frankenstein’s Creation was badly misunderstood by every person he came in contact with. This Creation was seen as a big scary monster that would kill you if he even laid eyes on you. Although he was some-what a normal human being, he was just not educationally advanced like we are. If you think of him as being like a caveman it is easier to understand that Frankenstein’s Creation was, well let’s just say the lights were on but nobody was home. That would be a kinder way of describing the Creation. The people where scared of him because he seemed violent, he wasn’t violent he was just afraid and didn’t understand. Not understanding was a huge part of why the creation acted the way he did. Creation was treated badly by everyone including Frankenstein himself. Frankenstein spent months upon months making sure every organ, vessel, everything going into this body was perfect. Well, perfect through his eyes if perfect is unusually large and oversized. He slaved over his creation wanting desperately to bring him back to life, giving up his own social life in the process. Once he finally brings his Creation to life he is…show more content…
The Creation was very lonely and just wanted a friend, so he slowly persuaded Victor Frankenstein to make him a companion. Feeling sorry for his Creation, he gives in and starts his work once again. The Creation comes to see how Victor is coming along with his companion, watching through a window happy and smiling at what his new companion is going to look like. Looking up startled by his Creation smiling back at him from the window, Victor panics thinking that his Creation is angry with what his companion looks like and he destroys her, which severely angers Victor’s
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