English Monologue From Frankenstein

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English Monologue Opening my eyes for the first time colour came flooding in. There standing above me glancing down, was my father, Victor ‘The creator’. Before I could reach out for the touch of his warm skin he fled and I was abandoned. No loving words or affection, just a cold echoing ‘BANG’ from the lab door, it was as if he had shut me out of his life forever. I opened the door to see him tossing and turning in his sleep, but upon entering he woke with a tear jerking scream and ran away. I was alone once again. ‘My’ heart felt like it had been crushed into a million pieces. I could trust and love no one and so like the wind I swiftly moved out of the house for I did not want to stay there with Victor, and then I was alone in the world having to look after myself…show more content…
I needed to nurtured with love and affection, to be taught the rules of life but my father did nothing, he just left me all on my own, like a broken toy. Walking through the woods for weeks I hoped I had finally came across a family who would learn to love me as I had grown to loved them, I studied them, observed them but in the end they too abandoned me. All I felt was the feeling of rejection. I was alone, no one had ever been there for me, I felt as if I was an experiment that had gone wrong, my life meant nothing at all, I was just a puzzle put together. I decided I was going to get revenge and I didn't think about anything in that moment, I only thought about my revenge. I fled to the Plainpalais and when my eyes saw William playing he seemed so peaceful but, they are all the same, they all think the same, they all hold some evil within their blood. Within a second I was no longer the creature that tried to love and be loved by all, I was the creature that people would fear the most! I would care for no one, as they didn't care for me. My revenge would be on Frankenstein; for my revenge is a daemon destined to kill. I
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