The Real Monster in Frankenstein

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In this essay, I will try to explore Victor Frankenstein’s characterization, in terms of his humanity considering his experiences, and his narration. My aim in trying to explore Frankenstein’s characterization is to show that although the appearance of the creature was resembled a monster; it could not be defined as monster. It cannot be denied that the creature behaved mercilessly and he was accused of murdering even though he was good hearted. However, the creature could not present his feelings and thoughts to anyone as his appearance was monstrous. So, Victor Frankenstein was guilty as he created the creature, and left him alone. Victor caused Frankenstein’s monstrous appearance and his appearance resulted in misunderstandings about the creature. The main point is that the guilty one of these misunderstandings, the creature’s appearance and his exclusion from society was Victor Frankenstein, the creator. Particularly by focusing on the given passages 15, 16, and19, I will try to show how far away Victor is from humanity. Before Frankenstein creates the creature, Frankenstein goes graveyards to collect dead body parts with an aim to accomplish his ambition. In chapter four while trying to create he says “I pursued nature to her hiding places…My limbs now tremble, and my eyes swim with the remembrance…In a solitary chamber, or rather cell…I kept my workshop of filthy creation: my eyeballs were starting from their sockets in attending to the details of my employment” (Shelley, 55). These words uttered by him shows that he is far away from humanity, as his ambitions motivate him more than necessary. That is, he ignores the consequences of the creation he is ambitious for, namely his devotion to science. Even though it is necessary to be ambitious in any part of life, the excessiveness of ambition damages either oneself or others. In Frankenstein it is exactly
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