Frankenstein Book vs. Movie

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There are a bunch of differences between the book and movie of Frankenstein that has changed a lot of the original work of Mary Shelley. A lot of the original details from the book were missing from the movie. Even though these changes are not as severe as the common changes of earlier Frankenstein films, they do limit Mary Shelley's imaginative descriptions and deeper messages of her novel. Throughout the movie there are a lot of changes in the plot and vision of the main characters. First off, the movie never portrays Caroline Beaufort as being the daughter of the unfortunate merchant, Beaufort. In the book, once Beaufort dies, Alphonse Frankenstein marries his daughter, Caroline. The movie also leaves out the adoption of Elizabeth. This leaves the person watching wondering why Victor is marrying his sister and why they are so intimate. In the book, Elizabeth Lavenza is an adopted daughter of Caroline and Alphonse. She is described as having an angelic glow around her body and beautiful blonde hair. In the movie, Elizabeth has ugly, brown, curly hair and was very pale. She looks nothing like how Mary Shelly intended the reader to visualize her. Another difference in the movie is how Caroline dies. In the book, Caroline dies of scarlet fever after nursing Elizabeth back to health. In the movie, Caroline dies while giving birth to Victor's little brother William. In the book, when Victor goes to school in Ingolstadt, he is never visited by Elizabeth. Instead he is isolated from his friends and family for almost to six years. After the monster is created, Victor falls ill. In the novel, only Clerval arrives in Germany to nurse Victor back to health. However, in the movie, Clerval and Elizabeth both return to Ingolstadt, Germany to nurse Victor. Another major difference that changes the book's intentions is that the DeLacey family is way different than the book

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