Difference Between Romeo and Juliet Book and Movies

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Brandon FLOGGNAW 4/28/14 Period 1 ENG 9 R+J Movie Compare/Contrast Pros and Cons The two Romeo and Juliet movies were very unique and creative. The two movies were very different but still stayed true to the original play. The two movies barely changed to much in the movie, but they did still add a few things here and there. The two movies were very good, they were both very good adaptions of the original play. Even though the movies were very good adaptions, the movies did changes some things whether it was text or scenery. The 1996 Romeo and Juliet, directed by Baz Luhrmann, was a very good adaption of the R+J play. Luhrmann did something very unique with R+J and modernized it. Instead of the movie taking place in Verona, Italy, the movie took place maybe somewhere in California. This R+J had very unique scenery, for example, one scene took place on a beach, and another by a pool, and none of these places were mentioned in the original play. Luhrmann took out swords, castles, and horses and to replace them, he used guns, houses, cars. The movie was true to the dialogue but not true to the original scenery. Even though Luhrmann made a huge change to the adaption, he made sure and do the right thing and not change the text from the original play. I think this adaption of the play was very good, and it gave the younger people a new way of seeing the play. The 2013 Romeo and Juliet, directed by Carlo Carlei, was an okay adaption of the R+J play. Carlei didn't do anything unique or new to the scenery. Carlei wanted to show the watchers the true story of R+J by making it take place in Verona, Italy. Carlei made the scenery resemble the looks of how it would look like in the 1500's. There were knights, horses, and large castles. Carlei did all this work to make it look realistic, but then he messes it up by changing around and also taking out the original

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