Marilyn Monroe: Suicide or Murder?

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Marilyn Monroe has been described as the definitive American sex symbol (She). She is considered one of the most beautiful women in American pop culture. Nobody suspected that her death would come so early in her life. However, many people are still wondering what occurred that night. Was is a suicide or was it truly a murder? Born Norma Jean Mortensen in 1926, she took on the name Marilyn after becoming a model (She). Marilyn’s mother, Gladys Baker, was deemed unfit to take care of her (She). Her father disappeared before she was born. After being removed from her mother’s care Marilyn had twelve sets of foster parents and at least one stay on an orphanage (Marilyn). Marilyn has been describes as a sensitive, misunderstood women with a strong emotional intelligence (Brando). She is famous for staring in films and being a proactive model. Marilyn was first photographed for the Army weekly magazine while spraying airplane parts during World War two. Marilyn’s affair with the Kennedy brothers was not a well kept secret. However, some people still believe, the John Kennedy part of the affairs were all a hoax (Hosenball). If the affair rumors were true, then the president ended it in 1962 (Was). Still the romance and sex affair with Bobby was true (Taraborrelli). Marilyn believed that Bobby would leave his wife for her, and when she found out it was a lie, she became extremely depressed. Marilyn threatened to tell the world about her affairs and it is said that the Kennedys paid her more than one million dollars to keep her quiet (Hosenball) (FBI). Marilyn was extremely depressed and was regularly seeing a psychiatrist. On her last visit to Dr. Greenson, her psychiatrist, she was prescribed sixty seconal tablets (FBI). Seconal is a barbiturate to help relieve anxiety and treat insomnia and the large prescription was unusual because she saw Greenson
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