The Knee Bone Boy

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This story is about three Hardscrabble kids. Otto is the oldest siblings and he is 13 years old. Otto stops communicating after his mother vanished. He expresses his thoughts by developing hand signs. He wears a scarf around his neck all the time. Lucia is the center child, with affection for experiences and the stand out that can comprehend Otto. Max is the youngest sibling and he is 10 years old. He always tells the truth and he is the cleverest out of the trio. Summary: The kids live with their father in the residential community of Little Tunks in England where the family have a tragic, scandalous notoriety following the time when their mother mysterious vanished. Lucia says she is dead. Max says she is lost. Otto doesn't say anything about his mother. Lucia suspects Otto and thinks that he is keeping a secret from her. The adventure begins when their father must go on one of his long journey since he is a painter of disgraced eminence representations. Their father sends them to stay with a relative in London who ends up being ceaselessly on holiday. The youngsters choose this is their best opportunity to go on an actual adventure. Thus, the youngsters overcome the frightening lanes of London and unsurprisingly wind up in a little town by the ocean where there is a Castle Folly brimming with insider facts and where, the mock castle is loaded with secrets and tricks. While, the village is marked by the legend of “The Kneebone Boy”, a monstrous human child locked away in a tower. The Hardscrabble children have the adventure they were seeking, act heroically, and discover the answers of their adventures that will lead them to solving the mystery of what happened to their mother, who vanished years ago under mysterious circumstances. At the end of the story, the children meet a taxidermist who drives a horse drawn hearse and learn the legacy of the kneebone
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